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Terms and Conditions

General is a website run by The Icelandic Seal Center, kennitala 700605-0190, Brekkugötu 2, 530 Hvammstanga. The Icelandic Seal Center represents the companies selling services or goods to users through
The Icelandic Seal Center has a tour operating permit since May 6th (permit number 2006-289) according to regulation number 73-2005 regarding structures of tourism.
The Icelandic Seal Center, as a tour operator, endeavors to display as detailed, accurate and comprehensive description of tour packages as possible on its website,
Where the clauses of this term end laws number 42/2000 regarding purchase of service, law number 46/2003 regarding consumer purchases, and law number 46/2000 regarding door-to-door and long distance contracts concerning party’s legal status.
In these terms and conditions the definition of the concepts used is as follows:
Buyer: An individual that buys services or goods at the website,, outside of a commercial environment, i.e. an individual that buys services or goods within the meaning of laws regarding purchases of services and consumers purchase.
Seller: A member that offers services or goods up for sale, gives the buyer an offer, at the website and has occupation of the sale.
Seller’s representative: The member that runs the website,, whereas a product or service is for sale. According to these terms and conditions The Icelandic Seal Center is the seller’s representative.
Retail goods: Valuables that the seller has for sale at the website
Acquisition agreement: An agreement where the buyer buys and the seller sells retailed goods through the website
Purchase of retailed goods
With confirming the purchase of retailed goods at, the buyer commits to buy the retailed goods according to the clause of these terms as well as the terms that apply to every specific buy according to the description of the retailed goods at
With the reservation of the buy and the make of the Acquisition agreement the buyer confirms the following statements:


Payment for retailed goods
The declared price of retailed goods are in Icelandic kronar (ISK). Importance is drawn to the fact that prices can change without notice, though not on already paid off retailed goods.

Payment goes through 24 hours after the buyer has confirmed the purchase of the retailed goods. The web system,, will then send payment information to a secure gateway with a recognized payment company. As the transaction has been authorized the payment will be charged to the buyers credit card.

When the seller’s representative has received payment from the buyer he will then send the buyer a credit note in an email (to a declared email address) regarding that the payment has been received, which is also a receipt for the buy. Buyer submits the receipt to the seller as to get the retailed good. The receipt only admits to the retailed goods that is specified on the receipt. VAT is included in the given price according to the price details given by the seller. The expiration date of the credit note is restricted to what is stated in the retailed goods offer. The buyer can only utilize the receipt within that time.

The seller’s representative is in no way responsible for the quality of the retailed goods or the description provided by the seller of the retailed goods at the website, The information regarding retailed goods offered at is presented according to the information given by the seller to the seller’s representative. When the buyer receives an adequate receipt from the seller’s representative there will be a bilateral contract between the buyer and the seller––the seller’s representative carries no further obligations towards the buyer.
The seller’s representative reserves the right to change the given information for a retailed good or discontinue if certain circumstances come up; e.g., wrong information has been given or external circumstances.

If the seller’s representative has not received payment within five days nether the seller nor the seller’s representative are committed towards the buyer.


Handling of personal information handles personal information regarding buyers and sellers according to laws number 77/2000 regarding personal privacy and handling personal information. Personal information is stored in the seller’s representative database and no one but himself/herself or his delegate has access to them. Personal information is in no cases given to a third party.

If the buyer wishes to note on the handling of personal information he or she shall send a comment to the seller’s representative through email or writing.


Cancellation, cancellation of tours, and refunds
A booked tour can be cancelled without cost if it is done within three days from the starting date of the tour. In these cases, will give full refund to the buyer for the cost of the booked tour.

If a tour is cancelled within three days from the starting day of a booked tour the buyer is entitled to a refund equivalent of 50% of the full amount of the tour.

If participants do not show up for departure at the right time they are not entitled to a refund for the tour.

If a tour is cancelled the participant is entitled to a full refund or receive another tour at compatible quality, ether at the same time or another hour.

Tour planner is authorized to cancel tours if there is not enough participation, that is if it states in the tours notification that a minimum participation is required. Tour planner is also authorized to change a tour program or cancel it for bad weather or other unforeseeable factors, that the tour planner had not been able to forecast.


Buyers’ duties and responsibilities
Participants are required to show good behavior, take other participants into account, and obey the rules obliged each time. If a participant causes harm or damage, ether to items or living creatures, with his or her behavior he or she is fully responsible for it.

If a participant offends in this way, or does in any way give cause to believe that he or she will be of any concern to his or her fellow participants in the beginning of a tour with his or her appearance, is authorized to prevent him or her in participating or to discontinue his participation. If this happens the participant is not entitled to a refund from

Participants are pointed to the advantage of buying, at their own cost, travel/injury/medical- and luggage insurance from their credit card or insurance company. assumes that its’ tour participants are in good health, so that there is no danger that they will cause harm or discomfort to themselves or others, or will in any way detain the tour due to an illness. If a participant becomes ill during a group tour, he or she is responsible for all costs that may result. The participant is not entitled to a refund, even if he or she does not finish the tour for this reason or another, that will not be blamed for.’ responsibilities
If a participant suffers injury or property damage that can be led to a tour being inadequate he or she is entitled to compensation, if only default in contract cannot be traced to or another service provider’s neglect or that the default are participants or third party’s fault that does not affiliate with the service originally negotiated and are unforeseeable or unavoidable or the defaults are caused by unavoidable situation or incident that the provider of the service could by no means have had predicted or prevented. retains the right to restrict compensation according to restrictions stated by national law or international agreements.