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Experience Húnaþing vestra

Vatnsnes experience

25.000 ISK

Húnaþing vestra

Experience the Icelandic North at Vatnsnes, the peninsula of natural wonders, varied wildlife, and rich history with a knowledgeable local guide.


  • Become an expert of seals while visiting the Icelandic Seal Center (The museum has been translated into English, German, Spanish, and French)
  • Guided tour around Hvammstangi
  • Guided tour of the highlights of the Vatnsnes peninsula; Skarðsviti, Hamarsrétt, Seal colonies, Hvítserkur, Borgarvirki and Kolugljúfur
  • A visit to one of the local horse stables
  • Visit Kidka, the largest wool factory in Iceland
  • Authentic Icelandic nature

What’s included

  • Entry to the Icelandic Seal Center
  • Guided tour from an experienced local
  • A visit to one of the local horse stables
  • English or German guide at Iceland’s largest wool factory

More information

First, the tour starts at the Icelandic Seal Center where you can learn everything there is to know about the seals around Iceland. Next up is a tour around Hvammstangi where you will get to learn about its rich history and vivid culture.

Now the tour gets real as we drive you out onto the Vatnsnes peninsula on a real Icelandic back country road. First stop is Ánastaðastapi, a geographical rock on the beach and the beautiful Skarðsviti  lighthouse where just below it is a natural hot spring. Next stop is Hamarsrétt, a sheep roundup, that is unique as it stands next to the shore. This is a great place to enjoy the amazing scenery and view over to the Westfjords as well as the nature and look at the birdlife that can be found there.

From sheep’s to seals, next stop is at one of the best seal colonies in Iceland where on a good day you can see many seals from a close distance. It is also known for historical reasons seeing where murders there in 1828 led to the last execution in Iceland.

Next up is the highlight of Vatnsnes and one of the best-known rock in Iceland, the spectacular Hvítserkur. Hvítserkur is a 15 meter’s high volcanic plug that looks like an elephant or a dinosaur even though it was believed to be a petrified Troll that got caught by daylight. An animal, troll or a magnificent rock it is a must see.

After enjoying that you head to Borgarvirki, a 10-15 meters high basalt fortress that stands 177 meters above sea level which means that when arriving at the top of it you have an amazing view in every direction and can use the view dial that is located there to recognize the mountains in your surroundings. According to the Icelandic saga the Vikings used the fortress for military purposes so here you can really soak up Icelandic history.

Next up is one of Hunathing’s natural wonders. Kolugljúfur canyon is about 20 to 25 meters deep, where the waterfall Kolufoss streams into the canyon. Visitors will view the canyon and waterfall from above making it a unique viewpoint. This is one of the “must see” places on your way through North Iceland.

And finally, the tour will come to an end where it began in Hvammstangi. The last stop is Kidka wool factory, the biggest of its kind in Iceland where you can unravel the interesting art of modern-day wool production.

Seize this opportunity to experience the real Icelandic nature with your own private local guide.


Provider 1: NorthWind

Provider 2: KIDKA

Tour starts at 10:00

Duration: 6 hours

Needs to be booked at least two days in advanced 

Minimum of 3 participants and maximum of 14 participants.

Price: 25.000 ISK per adult, 12.500 ISK for age 6 to 14 and free for under 5

Contact: & +354 451 2342

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