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Búkolla – Puppetry Adaptation of Icelands Favourite folktale

1.000 ISK

Hvammstangi’s resident puppet theatre presents a charming new puppetry adaptation of Icelands favourite folktale – Búkolla. Recommended for the ages 1 – 101.


Puppetry adaptation of Icelands favourite folktale – Búkolla

This summer Hvammstangi’s resident puppet theatre will be presenting a charming new puppetry adaptation of Icelands favourite folktale – Búkolla. Recommended for the ages 1 – 101.

The Story

When the family cow goes missing it is up to a young boy to find her. He journeys up mountains and through valleys, to the edge of the land where the sea beats against the hard cliff walls.  What he discovers will change his life forever.  A story of an epic friendship featuring a magic cow, mischievous trolls, and beautifully handcrafted puppets, Búkolla is the perfect activity for the culturally curious and those travelling with kids.

More Information

The performance will be in English, but is highly visual and accessible even if English is not your best language.

Handbendi Brúðuleikhús, based in Hvammstangi, is North west Icelands professional theatre and puppetry company. Established by Greta Clough, former associate artist of Britains famed Little Angel Theatre, the company creates original productions for all ages which tour both nationally and internationally.

The show has a running time of 20 minutes so you don´t miss your chance to peak inside the shops and museums or jump aboard the seal watching boat which departs at 1pm. After the show there is the opportunity to meet the puppets up close and to chat with the puppeteer about anything and everything.  You can even book a puppetry class (advanced booking necessary) if you have a few hours to spare. 

Puppets, story adaptation, design, and performance by Greta Clough

Produced by Handbendi Brúðuleikhús

Provider 1: Handbendi Brúðuleikhús

Starts at 12:00 every day from June 10th till September 1st

Duration: 20 minutes

Maximum guests: 30

Price: 1000 ISK per person, 700 ISK for children under the age of 5 and for senior citizens. Free for children under the age of 2

 Contact: & +354 451 2345


Búkolla has been made possible by the support of our partners:
Selesatur Islands
Kidka Wool Factory
Hunathing vestra

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